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Acupuncture reset my normal! After having my third child I experienced heavy periods for up to 9 days. My cramps were intense and I would be tired for days. I lived this way for 10 years and began to believe this was going to be my normal for the rest of my menstrual life. After a few sessions with Tracey I am happy to report that my period was much lighter and lasted half the time! I am so grateful for all her experience and techniques and would recommend to any woman looking for menstrual relief. Thank you Tracey for making my life so much better! 


- LR

Including Tracey in your healthcare regiment would be the BEST decision you could ever make! 


I had been searching for someone since I was no longer able to go to the Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture doctor I been seeing for several years. He was a 6th generation actual Chinese doctor from Beijing and I didn’t believe a “westerner” could fully grasp, understand, and practice OM/Acupuncture to the level of a “real” Chinese doctor. And some unfortunate experiences had only strengthened this opinion.


Finding Tracey has been a gift! She is personable, sweet, gentle, and her mannerisms are soothing. Her knowledge and expertise is quickly apparent and comforting. I believe that having spent time in the Orient, and understanding the language, has helped her understand the nuances of Chinese medicine and she is then able to convey the information back to her patients in a way they can understand.


Tracey takes great care in making sure you’re comfortable, that you understand what is happening, explains the treatment procedures, and answers any questions. She has helped me through some traumatic, and chronic, physical ailments with great results and I continue to see her on a regular basis for my well-being. There is a reason the Chinese incorporate acupuncture and herbs as a part of their healthy living and care for thousands of years. I whole-heartedly recommend seeing Tracey for any current ailments you’re struggling with, or to enhance your physical health well-being. You will not regret investing in what she has to offer.


- DS

Thanks to acupuncture, I am finally able to live a life free from chronic pain (due to multiple injuries) stress and anxiety.


When these symptoms began, I sought traditional treatment. Though I am still a firm believer in the need for traditional treatment, it was not until I sought acupuncture, a few years later, that my symptoms subsided completely.


Tracey is kind, caring, and compassionate. She takes the time with her patients to find the root of the issue and treat it accordingly. 


- AR

I began going to Maple Valley Acupuncture for my back. My back was always stiff and I felt like the muscles were having flare ups where I could hardly move my back and wasn't able to stand up straight. I had been telling my general physician and my chiropractor for years that I thought I had some kind of virus that was attacking my back muscles and joints and would be dormant for awhile and then flare up. They never took me seriously. I was talking with a friend and she was having the same issues and said her acupuncturist and had been very effective in treating her.


I found Tracey online and from the first appointment I knew she was a great fit for me. She was patient, asked pertinent questions, actually listened to my responses and took my virus theory seriously. She explained that I probably did have a virus doing exactly what I thought! I was also having some digestive issues and migraines that she thought she could also help with. With a combination of Chinese herbs and sessions, we have my back, digestive issues, and migraines under control. I know the symptoms of a flare up with my back and take the herbs accordingly. Tracey's goal is to make you feel your best and see her only for a "tune up". She has your best interest at heart and isn't satisfied until you are satisfied. I recommend her to everyone, she has me feeling better than I have in years! 


- LC

I went to Tracey for a nasty neuropathy problem on my foot caused by a combination of surgery on my toe and diabetes. She treated me twice and it solved the problem. When it came back a few months later (caused by jamming my toe) it took just 2 sessions for the shooting nerve pain to be eliminated. I think Tracey is a very knowledgeable and effective Acupuncturist. As an added bonus she also works with Chinese herbs.

- DD

I have been a patient of Tracey's for almost a year and am thoroughly pleased at the progress I've seen. I have suffered with migraine headaches for many years and have tried many things (supplements, etc.) to alleviate them and have also been to many medical doctors. Tracey's acupuncture technique as well as combined chiropractic care have drastically diminished my headache frequency. She always takes plenty of time for discussion before the procedure begins and shows true concern for my well being.

- WR

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